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Grandbeing Technology is a company dedicated to design, development and manufacturing of professional digital Audio/Video products and techniques. We have advantage and experience on designing the specific new products according to customers’ different needs. We are HDMI adopter of HDMI organization authority.

Our products are professional auxiliary equipments for the industry. The products have strong driving capability as all of them have buffer inside. We try to keep perceptive with customers’ new needs and the developing trends of A/V industry. We have been following the trends to meet the growing market demands.

Our R & D staff has rich experience on kinds of A/V signal's encryption and decryption. Our types of HDMI products cover HDMI signal's conversion, amplifying, distribution and switching. The team also provides you with technical support on products and projects. They are also the stable backing team for you.

To satisfy the customers’ needs is our goal. Integrity is our belief to realize the corporate success. By insisting to these principles, we have won the favorable feedbacks and fast development. Your feedback is valuable for us and you are welcome to send us your comments via “feedback” part isn our web.

Our products can be used in various situations, such as home theater system, cabling of HDMI A/V project, HDTV retail and show site, HDTV, STB, DVD and Projector manufacturing factory, noise, space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environments, etc.

Grandbeing's development Laboratories are based in China and Europe, and Production facilities are currently concentrated in China - Shenzhen.
We have our suppliers, vendors and partners in major Chip-maker companies in the industry to make our specific high level requirements available in shortest period of time on total customer satisfaction.

Shenzhen - China where Grandbeing is based, is the main top Technology area of the World of High-Tech electronics and is cradle of new trends in the industry. We are using the best of each "World", Shenzhen as tech-essence concentrated High-Tech area for R&D and production on the other side
Grandbeing provides excellent R&D also logistics capabilities for flawless distribution of our high quality HD electronics products to all regions of Europe and the whole World. In our fruitful Support service with responsibilities for managing Customer Care for products in each region of activities via local distribution and regional sales channels.

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