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100m HDBT matrix with ethernet port MX0808 31H

8x8 HDMI matrix with HDBaseT technology to meet HDMI V1.4
1)Allows up to eight HDMI audio/video devices to be independently switched to eight HDMI monitors, HDTVs, or projectors.
2)The eight outputs could show the same or different source simultaneously no matter the source is HDCP or not.
3)Each output supports video: [email protected]@48 bits, 3D
4)Reading and saving EDID function from displays.
5)Ethernet 100BaseTx pass through
6)Each port supports both HDMI and DVI inputs.
7)With extra infrared extension receiver.
8)Six switching modes: Touch panel, local IR, IR call back from remote locations, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet.
9)Eight IR emitters to control the HDMI sources.
10)HDCP compliant.
11)HDBase-T technology inside, HDMI 1.4 version, 3D video supported.
This is the enhanced version of Grandbeing's 8:8 matrix. It is suitable for commercial or Home Theatre usage. With HDBase-T technolgy inside for long range transmission. The matrix can deliver uncompressed 1080P/60HZ video up to 100 meters, along with Ethernet 100BaseTx and IR/RS232 signal in single cat cable. This model is 4U height with integrated power supply and touch panel.  Most powerful 8:8 matrix so far in the market... 

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