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IP Encoder Decoder

Grandbing announced a lite version IP extender kit.
It transmits HDMI /USB/RS232 signals up to 100 meters over IP technology via a signal UTP cable, with RS232 and IR extension port. Besides, it can be controlled by remote control and RS232 command via PC.
This unit has a large application for the residential or commercial market with the point to point, point to many and many to many connections through a Gigabit Ethernet.
With a firmware upgrade, it also supports video wall.
Moreover, an IP Command Adapter will allow this IP extender being compatible with any party control systems.
Key Features:

1. Multi Connections: Support [email protected] up to 100meters in Point-to-Point mode, Point-to-Multi and
matrix switching in Multiple-to-Multiple mode.
2. Easy Management: Matrix switching control over LAN by PC software.
3. Seamless Switching over Management Gigabit Ethernet switch .
4. Video-wall Processor by PC control software. (Optional).
5. PoE: Match Ethernet Switch with PoE
6. HDMI local Pass-through out in transmitter
7. USB over IP supported for KVM application.
8. HDMI de-embedded audio out.
9. IR and RS232 Pass-through.

Typical Application

1) Point to Point Example

2) Point-To-Multiple Example Over Standard Ethernet LAN

3) Multiple-To-Multiple Home Theater Example over Managed Ethernet LAN



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