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Grandbeing's SP0104-N023-030 and four EX0101-HE6 composed of a 4-channel HDMI splitter, and can be transmitted through the UTP cable (CAT-5E/6) 70M.


  1. ? Easy to Use: Install in seconds, no need for setting.
  2. ? Distribution: One HDMI input, four identical UTP outputs.
  3. ? Use single UTP cable (CAT-5E/6) to substitute HDMI cable to achieve long distance transmission
  4. ? UTP cable termination follows the standard of IEEE-568B
  5. ? Support high definition resolutions 1080p, 1080i, 720p and other standard Video formats, PAL and NTSC.
  6. ? Customer can configure EDID function to enable the best compatibility.
  7. ? HDCP compliant.
  8. ? HDMI 1.4 supported.

Typical Application

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