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1. Convert RS232 signal to RS485 for long range transmission.
2. Using UTP cable to carry RS485 signal.
3. Compact size.
4. Could be used internally or externally.
5. High reliable.

HDMI Raw Cables

High quality HDMI raw cable is the key element of the whole assembly. We offer our customers with:
1. From normal tin plated copper cable to silver plated.
2. From multi-conductor to single-conductor structure.
3. Gage from AWG 30 to AWG 20.
4. Multi layer shielding.
5. Fashion braiding sleeve.

OEM and ODM of HDMI Cables

1)Many choices to different applications. No matter for residential or high-end users.
2)Balance of high quality and reasonable cost.
3)Gage from AWG30 to AWG20.
4)Silver plating cable with different coating for high-end purpose.
5)Changeable braiding sleeve and metal heads for fashion design.
6)Customer may offer their own design for customization.


Wide Frequency Range Infrared Receiver cable assembly
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