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4K 2K Presentation Scaler with HDBT input

The MS0602_V1 from Grandbeing is a compact six input, two output 4k2k media presentation switcher for digital and analog sources. It offers three, HDCP-compliant HDMI inputs, a HDBT input, a VGA and a DVI with analog stereo audio inputs, a HDBT output and a HDMI output. The MS0602_V1 is ideal for applications that require routing digital and analog sources to a single display

high performance presentation Scaler

The MX0803-N143-360-V1(N143 for short) from Grandbeing is a high-performance presentation solution for classrooms, boardrooms, lecture halls, and videoconference rooms , integrating the control system , stereo audio inputs , Mic mixer, and seamless switcher all into a 2U tall package.
The N143 provides digital and analog sources to flat panel displays, codecs, touch screens, and other devices. The N143 provides four HDMI digital inputs, two CVBS and two VGA analog inputs, one HDMI output and one VGA output. Auto-configuring inputs enable plug-and-play compatible with a wide range of digital and analog sources.
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